Dear everyone,
We have had a lot of visitors to the earthship over the years; some people have come to help us build, others to find inspiration and some simply to get an idea of what a finished earthship looks and feels  like.
We finished building three years ago and the earthship is now not just an interesting building, it is our home. Having people you have never met wandering through your home is an odd experience - imagine it in your own place - and due to work committments and a need for some privacy, we decided a while back to turn down prospective visitors.
However, we are thinking of having a few open days at some point in the early European summer and I am writing this message to ask people who would be interested in seeing the house and hearing a little about how we built it to express that interest by replying to this post in a comment with your names and emails so that I can start organising dates and stuff.
Thank you all for your interest,
Best regards

UPDATE 27-05-13

Hi everyone, 13th and the 20th are now full and closed.  We will see how they go before offering further dates - thank you all for your interest and see you soon!
Lisa and Oscar


  1. Hi Lisa,
    As we are now actively searching for a plot to build our own earthship on in Spain, we would be very interested in your open days.
    Please contact us at .
    Sandrine & Axel

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Would it be possible to get in touch privately? We have some questions concerning building in the Castellon province we'd like to ask you, if that's ok...

  3. Buenos dias Lisa!!
    Somos una pareja de Barcelona que estamos pensando emprender una aventura construyendo nuestra propia earthship, nos encantaria visitaros para conocer vuestra experiencia.


    Sergio e Irene

  4. Ricardo7:57 am

    Hi Lisa!

    We are a party of two who have been following your project for quite some time and we are very interested in the upcoming Open Day(s)!

    Please keep us posted. Thanks!

    r.alvarez [at]

  5. Hi Lisa! My name is Elena and I live in Alicante. I'm totally new in the concept of the earthships, but very keen on the idea of a self sustainable home. I'm reading a lot about it but don't know if it would really be something for us, so I would love to see your house and learn about your experience. Hope to hear from you!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    We can see there's a lot of interest in your Earthship. Of course we realize that this is your beautiful home -- and it's not easy to allow strangers in for a "walk through"! We understand that this is a huge favor and we would really appreciate it and hope to do the same for others in the future.

    We're a family living in Stockholm, Sweden, and we're considering buying some land in Teruel to build an Earthship. In a couple weeks, actually, we'll be attending a weekend conference here in Stockholm with Michael Reynolds.

    The first 2 weeks of May, we're coming to Spain and we wonder if it might be possible to visit your home? Of course, when it would be convenient for you, and perhaps we could bring you something from Stockholm -- any supplies you might need that we could bring with us for you?

    Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing back from you.

    Best wishes,
    Kristin and Sigfredo

  7. Anonymous7:06 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    We are an English family that are planning an earthship build in Spain and would like to attend an open day.

    Kind regards



  8. Hello I would be interested to come to an open day, if you are still in the process of organising it. I live in Calpe not too far away I imagine. My email address is

    So please do keep me posted would love to have a look and totally appreciate you've had enough of strangers traipsing though your house..but an open day is a good compromise!

    all the best

  9. Stephan5:47 am

    Hello Lisa, greetings from Germany.
    In 2014 or 2015 we plan to build an earthship near Valencia. We are very interested in visiting your home and hear all the stories happened during the building of the earthship.
    Please contact us!

    Claudia & Stephan

  10. Anonymous10:30 am

    Hi Lisa and Oscar:
    My name is Esther and i'm a spanish architect. i want to work in bioclimatic and self-sufficient houses and you have a very interesting example of it.
    i contact too with Sandrine&Axel to meet in a open day to visit your wonderful house. Please, say to me as soon as possible. Thanks for do it possible.
    mi nombre es Esther y soy arquitecta española. quiero trabajar en arquitectura bioclimatica y autosuficiente y teneis un ejemplo muy interesante.Contacté tambien con Axel y Sandrine para encontrarnos en una jornada abierta y visitar vuestra maravillosa casa. Por favor, dime la fecha lo antes posible. Gracias por hacerlo posible.

  11. Anonymous7:56 am

    Yo quiero una por favor ayudadme en los temas legales, con las licencias urbanísticas y tipos de suelos, necesito info, sueño con que estas casas sean tan verdes y eficientes que se permitan construir en cualquier tipo de suelo, pues será respetuosas con su entorno.


  12. Hello,

    First of all well done on such a great project!!

    We are Steve, Sandrine James(7) and Louisa (5). We will be traveling back to France from Morocco where we live around the end of July, and then back to Morocco end of August.

    If you are having another open day in the summer we would love to attend. That said we appreciate the disruption.


  13. Hi Lisa,
    There are two of us, we have just finishe our degree in Building Engineering and we are really keen on sustainable construction and interested in your earthship.

    we would be interested to contact with you privately about your open days.
    Thank you.
    Irene & Daniel

  14. Alicia10:36 am

    Hi Lisa and Oscar. My name is Alicia from Alicante, I would like to know if there is still place in one of the open days or if there is going to be a third day since you had to move the first one. I´m very keen in this kind of proyect and I would like to know as much as posible about it. What a better way that go to visit yours.

  15. Hi Lisa and Oscar. My name is Alicia from Alicante, I would like to know if there is still place in one of the open days or if there is going to be a third day since you had to move the first one. I´m very keen in this kind of proyect and I would like to know as much as posible about it. What a better way that go to visit yours.

  16. Hello Alicia,
    There is space on the 20th. If you are interested please send me your email and I can get the details to you!

  17. Great!!! My email is
    Muchas gracias.

  18. Hi Lisa and Oscar,
    I am still very interested in your project, it would be great if it was possible to come and visit you, whenever possible. Thanks a lot!! Elena

  19. Dear Elena,
    please send me your email and I will send you details of the open days.

  20. Hi Lisa!
    My email is
    Looking forward to your email.
    Thank you!
    Have a nice friday,

  21. Greta1:08 pm

    Hi Lisa, Hey Oscar,
    I'm a german author writing a book about how to built a new society. It shows how more and more people have the desire to turn away from a fossil-based, consume-driven lifestyle to a more self-efficant one.

    I consider Earthships not just a architectural revolution in terms of sustainablity and eco-friendliness, but also as an act of emancipation. Unfortunately there are no legal Earthships in Germany and no pioneers that are living in there selfmade autarkie. That's why I would be more than glad to be able to meet you.

    I do understand that it must be a fulltime job to answer all these requests from all over the world and trying to hold back the masses of eco-architecture-tourists like me. But if there is any chance to catch up with you at the beginning of July (where I'm travelling through Europe), I'ld be thrilled.

    Looking forward to you mail:

    All the best to sunny Valencia from rainy Leipzig:

  22. Hi Lisa & Oscar - don't know if you remember me, but I was with you and Michael's crew at the beginning of the build... I came in a VW camper with my dog.

    I would like to have some info on the costs of your electrical system as I am rehabing an old farmhouse in Asturias and want to include as many earthship components as possible.

    Robert Bragg

  23. Anonymous4:24 pm

    Hola Lisa y Óscar!! Vivo en Valencia y me encantaría conocer vuestro proyecto!! Yo también estoy pensando en algo parecido,pero me gustaría tener más información al respecto sobre cuestiones legales y presupuesto. Mi idea es realizarlo cerca de Valencia,pero tendría que encontrar el lugar...

    Mi correo electrónico es:
    Espero recibir noticias vuestras pronto!!

    Mil gracias,

  24. Hi everyone - I've recently received mails from people about the next open days, but I can't find the comments here on the blog - just to let you know that our open days will always be in the European summer, which is when we have time to organise them!
    All the best

  25. Hello Lisa,

    I just found your site, Very interesting. We live in France (south) and thinking of building an eathship next year. It would be great if we could 'have a look' at your eathship. I have never seen one in real life. Are you still doing visiting days? And were in france do you live?
    I think we are mostly interested in how you did get your permit in France. And ofcourse also would like to know about comfort, maintainning and total price. Anyway if you have time to send me an email to ( would be great. Many thanks
    Lisette Anbergen

  26. Hi Lisette,
    We are actually in Spain, near Valencia. And for the moment we don't have any open days planned for this summer.

  27. Hi Lisa and Oscar,

    I am a film and media student from Edinburgh and currently researching earthships for my dissertation.
    I read about your lovely process and what I am now gathering is building and living experiences in an earthship home across Europe and was wondering if you might want to answer a couple of questions through a recorded skype interview?

    I understand that you have a home now and I will not be asking to pop by with my camera and invade your personal space. It is merely a short interview what I would be looking for to include to my project and I will be more than happy to send the questions (and obviously the finished project) way beforehand.

    Let me know if you would be interested helping me out.

    Many thanks,
    Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

  28. Anonymous7:28 am

    Hi Lisa&Oscar, I would love to find out if I could get help to build an earthship in Alicante province. Let us know when we can visit. Peter


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