Here we go...

The wood has arrived and the water tanks are coming tomorrow closely followed by a group of Dutch, Belgian and French volunteers who will spend a couple of weeks camping on site and helping us get the roof on. I love volunteers.
I was reading Kirsten's blog (pinkhammer) and she said something like "work out what you think it will cost, then double it and you'll be pretty close". I am now discovering the wisdom of her words as things like 26cm long screws and other little bits that we never even imagined existed start to come with 200+ euro bills attached (bills as in invoices - I wish they were banknotes) .
Anyway, from this week on I will try to keep you updated with photos and stuff and hopefully we will be weatherproofed for the big October/November rains. More soon!


  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    hi there,
    would it be very impolite to ask how much the building of your earthship has cost you so far (in euros) ?
    i am currently at the very early phase of trying to determine whether i should be looking for land to build on, or an existing house to refurbish according to earthship principles. it would help greatly if i could have an idea how much building from scratch would cost, roughly!

    you can email me at:

    kind regards.


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