Two weeks on...

We had a great group of hard working people from Holland and Belgium with us for about 10 days and got heaps done (as you can see!) We have still got a long way to go before the roof is finished but the end is in sight and doesn't seem quite so impossible now. So thank you so much to Theo, Berthus, Sylvia, Etienne, Ferdi, Tessel, Fief, Michele, Fred, Tanja, André, Pierre, Raghnild and Noach!! (I hope I got the spellings right...)

The water tanks never did arrive and we had to cancel the order to get them to pay attention to us. After some discussion they are now arriving on Saturday. We were going to go for concrete after all the bother but have finally decided to stick to sky blue plastic.

And I finally got the decking onto one whole U. Our bedroom now has a ceiling! Just three more to go...

More soon


  1. Great to see what you are doing. looking forward to see the "ship" finished and to hear the experiences of the daily life as "ship"-captains. Finally: any idea of the costs of this Earthship?
    Wishing all the best!

    Peter Bours / Holland

  2. Hi Peter,
    Not really, but we think it will end up costing around 60,000 or maybe 70,000 euros, including solar system and all that. Of course, it'll probably end up costing double that if Kirsten's advice is to be taken as gospel...


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