Water Tanks and more roof

The water tanks arrived on THE hottest day of the summer so far. The poor guy installing them came from Zamora and suffered terribly while working last Sunday. He also happened to be the SLOWEST hole driller in the world. It took him about 5 hours (plus he stopped for lunch and siesta at midday, so 10 hours all up) to drill eight holes and connect four tubes. Wow. Glad we weren't paying by the hour. Anyway we now have four enourmous blue tanks which look just like camping gas bottles to collect our rain water if it ever rains. Hopefully it won't for another few weeks yet.
Two Us are now completed with their ceilings and greenhouse beams and we should get the rest done over the next few days. We can only work from say 7 until 11 in the morning and then from 7pm till dark. It's just too hot.
Here you can see Carla's bedroom with ceiling, the guy from Zamora, the front face frames finished (say that five times fast), and the whole house from the fence of our block looking up north west.