Life apart from the house...

Yes, it does exist although you have to squint a bit to see it. Oscar has been recording his fourth solo album which hasn't really got a name yet but will have one day soon. It is shaping up to be a beauty and we are lucky to have two friends producing it - they work so hard and do some amazing stuff. This is them here, Tony and Josep. It should be coming out near Christmas, I'll keep you posted.

We've also taken a few days off each. Oscar went to Almeria to visit a friend on a tiny beach for a few days and then I went off to Madrid to see some paintings for a couple of days. I loved the city, I hadn't really seen it before - just passed through. It's a really beautiful place. No beach though. Boo.

So anyway back to the house...August is over and shops are opening again so I should be able to buy hinges and stuff to get on with the skylights. We should have replacement skylights sent out for the three that arrived cracked (!) and then be able to completely waterproof the roof with them and a can parapet wall all the way around the perimeter. Have to find someone to do the glasswork and then the side walls and then...and's never ending.
more soon