It poured...POURED yesterday. The countryside smells fantastic! I was sitting working down town having left Oscar Adam and Angela doing some parapet work when the sky came over as black as could be and lightening starting flashing, thunder crashing... I rang Oscar to tell him to get the washing in (as you do) and the rain had already arrived there. Apparently water was cascading out the downpipes which we haven't connected yet to the tanks due to dirty muddy roof with lots of little nibbler born metal bits from cutting the corrugated. When I got home there were craters, yes craters in the dirt where the water had been falling and the roof was clean clean clean. So now we can hook up the pipes and start collecting! Adam explained a great way to catch the first run off and any grotty stuff it may have in it so I popped off to buy a couple of T joints and screw on lids for a couple of modifications...I'll take a photo when it's finished.
Oh, and by the way - he'd already taken in the washing...