We had a very interesting visit last week from Lisa, a Swedish cinematographer who lives in Portugal and is making a film about houses - she filmed us talking about our project and even doing a bit of work on the new parapet wall which goes around the edge of the roof to finish it off neatly. Now Adam and Angela are here on their way back to Australia. Adam helped us with the small house so it was great for him to see how it looks now and of course, the progress we are making on the big house, we are hoping to rope them in to a bit of can laying - we can always pay it back when they start doing their own earthship in Victoria...

Carla went back to school today and we start work on the 18th so things will probably slow down house wise for a while. We are getting quotes for glass at the moment and will hopefully have it installed before it starts to rain. We still have had no rain - that's 3 months now. The water tanks are empty although we do get about two buckets full of runoff just from the dew every morning. We don't collect it yet because the roof is so dirty - waiting for that nice big rain to wash everything clean before we connect the tubes.

Photos this time are of the parapet starting, maintenance on the little house and a view of the big one as is now.


  1. hi guys,
    your house looks great. is it possible to visit you and see the house sometime?

  2. Hello Peter,
    We have had people from all over the place come and see the house. So I guess that yes, you could come and visit. If you want to get in touch please email



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