Wednesday, November 01, 2006


And you thought that it was the English who obsess with the weather... let me tell you something, when it only rains two days in five months (see RAIN! below) then you can't help becoming a little loopy about it. We are seemingly surrounded by invisible plastic curtains which don't let any of the torrential rains plaguing the rest of the country fall here. It's just in THIS area. Our water tanks have still got the foot or so of water from the last rain (singular - it was so little that it doesn't warrant the more serious "rains") and the dew forming on the roof every morning probably means that we get a centimetre more every month or so but everything is so dry. Even the oranges are small this year and the irrigation fellow who usually stops coming in September is still hanging around as we come into November. Hmmm. At least our washing still dries quickly I suppose...

Back to work and school and everything means that work on the house has slowed down a bit. We have ordered to glass and windows to go in the front face but apart from that and the parapet (almost finished) little is happening. We have to get our heads around the plumbing and electricity now. I spend hours gazing into space, trying to draw mental grey water plans and electrical installations. Haven't a clue what I'm doing but I'm sure it'll come to something eventually...

More another day.

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