The wise man built his house upon the rock...

...and the rain came tumbling down. I will never, ever, ever complain about it not raining again. All our tanks are full to overflowing and are, in fact, overflowing and breaking tubes and going generally mad thanks to two days of HEAVY rain. Someone's been reading my blog...
The broken tube is my own jolly fault really. My marvellous measurements meant that we dug nice two-year-hardened earth away to put the tanks in at the east end and then realised that it was going to be too low. Instead of re-filling the space with rock or whatever it is in English (I know there's a work for it I just can't remember - the stuff you put down under concrete and all that) we just dumped the dirt back in and hoped it would harden up enough before the rains. Which of course it didn't. So the Eastern tanks have sunk slowly into their soft dirt as the water level rose - 8,500 kg is a lot of weight. The damage has really only been one T section of a pipe which cracked loudly this morning at about 6am but it's a bother to have to fix and the tanks are now about 10 cm lower than expected, thankfully that in itself won't affect anything too much. It has been a Lesson Learnt.

Apart from that, the photos here are scanned magazine pages from an article about Oscar and his (I quote) neo-hippy family. Neo-hippy? Neo-Hippy?? Journalists are so uncool.



  1. Anonymous1:14 pm

    Hi Lisa and hi Oscar,
    I found you blog via information from David Verstappen (Belgium).
    Nearly 3 months ago I was infected by the idea of earthships and since than much happened: I had some email exchange with Michael Reynolds and Michael Shealy in the USA, I came in contact with people in Germany and Austria who are very interested in building an earthship of their own. We sat up a german website about earthships ( and a german earthship forum ( We also had an email exchange with a master builder who told us, that it would not be a problem to build an earthship in Austria, if we could avoid to use used tyres. But that wasn't the point we wanted to hear!

    But we all are in the EC and I wonder why it should not be possible to build an earthship in Austria or Germany, like you did in Spain. What did You do to get the permission to use used tyres. Are there any studies, who could help us to show the tyres as an important building material to our authorities? Do you have some hints ore straight tips for use to realize our earthship dreams?

    Best regards
    Michaela Kohlbacher-Schneider


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