Glass in!

Hey! We got the glass in today - it's lovely super-glass and we are chuffed. Of course, there is always a glitch and this time it has been two of the windows not fitting (bad hand-writing I think to blame) so we will have to wait a little more to see the full effect but that's kind of normal for us.
I hope to have the opening windows in over the next week or so too - must call window people. where's my list...ahh-under the billion other lists of things to be done. Oh well, things are getting done at any rate. The first burial is now complete too, in fact a little too complete in some areas and will have to be peeled back a bit to attach plastic barrier to the tyres before the second burial. Poor Oscar had to watch and bite his tongue as the large and ferocious digger knocked bits out of his can parapet wall. argh.
Oscar's also started a great little stone wall at the front of the house where we will plant ground cover and use the dew collected in the down pipes to water it. The septic tyres (wait for the photo) have also been stuck into a hole in the ground and are being covered bit by bit - have to work out correct fall before finishing it off though and that means having some idea of where and how high the toilet is going to be. My head boggles.
Photos soon - only three or four left on the film.