Archive 2 - The Americans and seminar number 1

In April 2004, Mike Reynolds (Mr Earthship himself) and a crew of his family and friends from the company came over to get our house started and things earthship moving in Europe with the first international hands-on seminar. As it was the first, there were glitches all over the place but for us at least, it was a brilliant, through stressful two weeks. So much energy and good humour went into everything.
People from about 12 different countries came for three day workshops of morning theory classes and afternoon tyre pounding, bottle laying etc. Some thought that the $500 they paid for this was a bit exorbitant and I tend to agree, but that's what the Americans asked for so I guess that's what they got. Everything is just so BIG over there, including fridges and weekend seminar fees.
Anyway, we had a very productive couple of weeks with beer-a-plenty, singsong dinners with Mike and Oscar and mud up to our necks. People were fantastic and although the weather let us down a bit, it was a great way to get started. Here's to the first seminar and everybody who came to help!


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