Early Spring

The last entry about the first Dutch seminar brings us back to May 2006 which is the first entry I made here so I will just get on with it now.

After an almost non-existant winter we have been enjoying a very early spring complete with blossom, broad beans and maddening strong winds which have already knocked over a good lot of blue bottles we were saving for the bottle work. Bother.

Our operable windows are on show here, together with the finished skylights, Oscar's stone wallfront and his marvellous rendering on the parapet wall. Have also included a panorama from the Oven to the House in the afternoon sun .


  1. Hi Lisa,
    The work u have done is great!Please keep us posted as this is one of its kind.

  2. Hi Lisa -
    it's Rebecca James here (Emma's sister)I've checked out your blog a few times now and thought it was about time I popped in and said hello!

    You look like you're having a lovely time building that house - and it looks like it will end up being really beautiful (I'm quite envious!)

    It's good to see you and Oscar and Carla all looking so happy and healthy.



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