Digging the planters

After much humming and ha-ing on my part, Oscar has gone and started digging out the interior planter beds for the grey water recycling. We don't really have much idea what we're doing but from various drawings and Mike Reynold's Water From the Sky book, we should be able to work it out as we go. I haven't taken any photos because the above mentioned Sky has been very loaded with said Water and I have no flash on my old Canon non-digital-but-I-still-love-it camera. So, picture this...all along the inner face of the glass front there is a strip about 80 cm wide and (for now) about 20 cm deep of lovely dark damp earth. There is too, a pile of the drier stuff that's been shovelled out right next to the trench. We...oops, I mean Oscar picks and digs and then we...oh! there I go again...HE sloshes a heap of water in to soften the rock hard soil and make it easier for the next lot to come out. Hard work. I supervise.

Anyway. The whole thing will eventually be about ten metres long, one metre-ish deep on average and filled with rocks and gravel and sand and dirt and peat moss at one point and of course, plants. Please see drawing below for better idea - and stand by for photos.