full frontal

as in of the house. here 'tis. We have started the end wall to close up the house and are now negotiating solar power which has become a nightmare of scribbling watts and looking for super cool whitegoods that use next to nothing and ARE NOT SOLD in Spain. Bother. Have to make to with less that super or, alternatively travel to Germany to buy a fridge and washing machine. DID however find gorgeous wonderful cooker with gas only, fat 90cm oven and five hobs. Now just have to start saving for it's 3500 EURO pricetag. Ho hum.

After posting this I have realised that the oven I was looking at costs 3500 dollars (phew) but only available in Mexico (boo)...


  1. Hey Lisa

    I remind you of the solar cooker. We haved made 8 breads yet this spring. And this in the Belgian weather! If you like to see picture...www.oliepers.be

    Hopefully we can see you once again

    Ward Anne Sophie

  2. Hey Ward!
    Nice to hear from you again. We already have the mud woodfire oven and would love to try a solar oven for outdoors but for inside the kitchen I am still going to want a conventional type of oven.
    You know Mark never did get in touch so we are just going to do the planters like SSA does.
    Anyway, good to hear from you and hope you are all well.

  3. wow. It's starting to look fantastic, Lisa!

  4. Thanks Bec!
    Now you'll HAVE to come over and see it!



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