Holidays Ahoy

With just three weeks 'til the summer holidays start we are gearing up for three months of housework - and I don't mean mops and dusters. The electricity is going to be finished, the plumbing, the walls, the bathroom, the outside end walls...well, that's the theory anyway. I'll keep you up to date and see if we can't get this thing 95% finished by September.

Here you have a couple of photos of our bountiful fruit trees - the apricots are fragrantly sweet and delicious and the cherry - yes, just one single cherry this year- was an event unto itself. The third picture shows the beginnings of our summer plantation which is now far more advanced and the last photo is the compost box thing I ended up photographing after all (see the rotovator, the apricot tree and the ubiquitous cat).

More soon


  1. Hey Lisa and Oscar...

    I enjoy reading your blog.., it's inspiring.
    We have plans of or own to leave Holland and build our own earthship in Spain.., Valencia is on the list of locations. We have a ton of questions (which I will not direct to you alone).
    If you want.., maybe you can drop me an email at[at] We intend on visiting Spain in September so maybe.... we'll see...

    With regards,
    Rogier Noort

  2. Thanks Dude,
    I have emailed you and hope to catch up in September!


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