I am now an officially published composer!

With a copyright C in a circle and everything!



  1. Heeey
    que guay!!!! estoy muy orgulloso XD
    un besico

  2. hola tony! XD - puedo imaginar tu cara haciendo XD y a mi me hace una cara de XD también. XD.

  3. I second that! que guay!!

    I hope I've just said something nice, but, if not, big Congratulations!

    (Weren't you going to send me one of these to play on my piano? You did get my email(s) didn't you?)

  4. Hey Rebecca,
    thanks! and yes, I was going to send you a score - but not these ones - another one just for piano. I always remember you tearing through Mozart's variations on the twinkle twinkle tune...I did get a quick email (thanks) but no address to send anything to! remedy pls.
    fat hug

  5. Hi there I have really enjoyed reading about your earthship adventure. I have a finca in Catalonia and I hope to start work on my own earthship very soon. I would really like to be able to ask you some questions such as where to find wood (not so easy in Spain) and other things... If you could contact me at I would be very grateful. Thanks and keep up the good work...!


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