The rotovator, the apricot tree and the ubiquitous cat.

I had SO much fun on Sunday with a rotovator and our apricot tree. I was happily rotovating (?) our patch of soil and compost when the tree reached down and positively tore a chunk out of my shoulder. Ouch! It did so not want its roots to be accidentally 'vated. I ploughed bravely on and made lovely tilth as Mr Seymour says for our little potatoes, peppers, aubergines, basil, tomatoes et al. Then I went and picked some green apricots just to spite the tree. Yum. Green apricots. Actually they needed thinning so I was being neither vindictive nor in any way gourmet. Anyway, plants have been planted and drip irrigation mended. Fingers crossed for beaut crops over summer.
I also banged a lovely double bin compost box up à la Seymour but haven't got photos of it. I imagine that people must wonder at my photographic subjects sometimes and have decided not to take pix of our garbage, although I might if it looks charming at dusk...
Here is Sophie the boy cat instead.


  1. esta bien....everything looks muy splendid...shame about the tree shoulder thingy. if you have no use for cat we could use the big fluffy thing to give us cuddles...those 2 are lovely.

  2. I LOVE getting comments - its so exciting. Aren't they just the yummiest two? I exaggerated a teeny bit with the shoulder tree thing - it's really just a big ugly scratch. It's started getting hot here now and things will soon go brown. boo. when's your next visit Ad? c'mon.

  3. NZ is next on the holiday front...sometime in august, september i do


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