ants frogs and sac the pup

I was out early the other morning trying to get some watering in before the sun started evaporating everything and I came across a line of ants lugging these long twiggy seeds to their tiny hole. I have always been fascinated by them and tried to make my camera do macro stuff without a macro lense. They dumped the seeds near a tiny hole and then an ant (or most probably many ants - they all have the same face to me so I don't know if it was one or multiple) dragged the seed down into the nest.
Then there are Mr Rib and Mr It who have colonised our overflow oil drums. They are very cute and quite friendly. I gave them a rock to sit on and they seem to think that was very nice, agreeing to pose for photos and croaking most melodiously at dusk and dawn. Here is Rib. It was out diving.And this small and very sweet it Sac the spaniel. The girls (9, 7 and soon to be 5) love Sac and fight over who is going to hold him for the next 20 minutes (they have a stopwatch). I don't think he has actually had his feet on the ground for more than the few seconds it takes for one of them to drop him as he starts peeing and another to scoop him up as soon as he stops. Cute isn't he?


  1. Dear Lisa and Oscar,

    We are a couple from Holland and we're intriged and inspired by the Earthship concept. At the moment we have plans to build one our own, so we can be selfsufficiant.
    Since we've planned a a small holiday in August to Spain, we wondered if we could visit yours?

    Is it possible to have a look and greet the frogs and ants?

    With lovely and peaceful greetings from,

    Ingrid and Derk

  2. That puppy is SO cute!

  3. Balans - yes, of course you can come and visit. Please give me an email address so I can mail you directly or send me an email to

    Bec - isn't he?


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