brown back green wall.

I would have to be one of the messiest painters I know. I manage to get the stuff EVERYWHERE no matter how carefully I wield my roller or brush. This time it's tennis-court green waterproofing rubberish paint, which at least washes off with a good scrub and some soapy water. Last time it was cream enamel paint and there ain't NO way to get that off without the dreaded disolvent. Ugh. I smelt like a can of disolvent. For days.
Anyway, half of the outside rendered part of our wall is now green and my back is as brown as can be after bearing the sun for a week. I have a true builders tan complete with the line that you get where your t-shirt doesn't quite meet the top of your shorts. Very charming and feminine to be sure.
Oscar is due back from Ireland tomorrow and we will get on with the heavier work of mudding and bathroom building.

Oh and by the way click HERE to see Oscar winning the best album of the year at the Ovidi Monllor awards last week. The first song you hear is his and him.


  1. I HATE you and your perfect easy-tanning skin, Lisa!

  2. Yeah - style is a stripy back! Just remember how leathery I will be when we are old Bec and how you will still be glowing, milk-white youth...


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