Earthship France videos

I have been getting weird videos popping up on my earthship france link so I'll post the link to the two real videos here...I don't see how fundamentalist christians explaining the existance of dinosaur bones ("they were put there by god to test our faith, earth is only 12,000 years old - you just have to add up all the he begot she begot he begots in Genesis to know that...duh") has anything to do with earth-shipping in Normandy, but somehow they butt into my blog.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


  1. Hi Oscar and Lisa!!

    I just found your blog, looking for some news about the great earthship-to-be in valencia... and guess what! It's almost ready!!!! You may remember me, I helped two times, together with Berthus and Theo from the netherlands. Its just great to see the pictures of your earthship now! We have in holland also a group planning to build 10 - 20 eartshships as a project. I'm joining them... Dreams come true!
    Wow, I'm really enthousiast again now I see your pictures, so is my girlfriend... Hope to see you guys somedays!

    douwe.kunst (at)

  2. Hi Douwe,
    Of course we remember you - you have your photo on the blog...have you seen it? I see that your email has changed so you won't have been receiving the updates I send to everyone who has come to help. I will update your details on my list. We are hoping for some volunteers to come down this summer (but not all at once) to work on finishing the house. You know that you are always welcome to visit any time!
    More soon


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