flower crowns and forty in the shade

This is the biggest of the crowns in question - it keeps blooming ring after ring of these tiny little pink beauties. All our cacti are going mad and flowering more than ever before. I think it has something to do with the fact that we are becoming a desert here in Valencia. By forty in the shade I do of course mean forty degrees centigrade, not forty fat men or forty garden gnomes, although there seems to be a trend in modern Alcúdia for fat garden gnomes complete with barrows, beards and all. Oscar suggested, and I tend to agree, that it is because the Spanish in general watch too many American films and think that all they see is desirable...not everybody of course, but certainly the ones who put the charming little creatures on their totally climate mistook lawn do. I find myself digressing...

We had a nice weekend with Italian Valerio and Joe and Helen from England. Really great people and I was able to girl talk with Helen as if we'd known each other for years. Love it when that happens. The fellows got some wing wall tyre pounding done too and the weather behaved itself nicely enough to fire up the oven and roast some organic chook (and eggplant for Helen).

Oscar and I mudded the inside end wall today. It looks so BROWN and CHOCOLATEY. I love mud. Must have a mud party soon and get some friends down. And dirty.

Photos to follow...thinking about going digital but just never seem to take the plunge.


  1. Hellooo, and nice to meet you. What a fantastic cactus. Sorry to hear that it's still so dry in your parts, but at least you have the flower crowns... ;-D

    I totally cracked up about your last post with the dinosaur bones and comments (wasn't me).

  2. Hey Karen.
    thanks for dropping by. I daren't talk too much about it being dry because last time I complained we had torrential rain and half my earth berm got washed into my vege patch...but it is soooo dry here at the moment that the saying that Africa starts in the Pyrenees is looming closer to truth than ever. Ho hum. Rain dances and all that.

  3. forty???

    actually doesn't sound too bad from her...where it is currently about 4, and getting down to minus 4 at night.

    the grass is always greener (or should I say deader) eh?

    And, is that Karen Kool I see above?? Gotta love the way we can all meet up through the blogosphere. I love it.

  4. Brrr Bec
    Four, minus four...ugh. Or should I say uggs?

  5. Hi Lisa and Oscar. My name is Wendy and I currently live part time in Gandia. I am really interested in Earthships and would really appreciate being able to come along and have a look. Nothing is for free so am happy to be a pair of hands!!!

  6. Hi Wendy,

    We are so close to Gandia - about half an hour or so by road! Send me an email if you like and we can get in touch that way, you are welcome to visit and lend as many hands as you like!
    speak to you soon I hope.

  7. oops! might help if I give you an email address...

    try lisajane_r@hotmail.com


  8. Hey LJ....Told you I'd get here.
    It looks fantastic and I'm way gel......"sick 'n sin" right?
    Can't wait to get there!!!. LUL'sxoxo Em

  9. Belleza fractal...
    Me encanta todo lo que estáis haciendo, me encantaría vivir en un lugar construido con mis propias manos, aprovechando lo que para la mayoría ya no sirve, aprendiendo y enseñando...

    Fractal beauty...
    I love what you are actually making, I would love to live in a home made by my own hands, leveraging what is useless for most people, learning and teaching...

    Saludos ( también :) ) desde Gandía.


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