Visitors and other animaux

This little fella was recently knocking on our glass door most mornings at about 6 am. He must have been seeing some birdy paradise reflected in the window because he would to fly full tilt into it, slide down to earth and then pick himself up and try again. Lovely wake up call...
He is a "polput" (poll-put) according to the locals. No idea what he would be in English. I really don't want Moy the cat to do away with him, although by the looks of this next photos I needn't worry much. It's not even high summer yet and these two do little more than stretch out and sleep.

Oscar and I have almost completed the westerly end wall of the house and I am about to order the window to fill it. We have had a few experessions of interest from people hoping to come down and volunteer help over the summer - GREAT - the first couple of people are coming for a look-in this weekend, an Italian artchitect and an English fellow. Anybody else wanna join us? Just email or leave a comment!


  1. if you put a sticker on the windows which looks like a bird's eye, they will be scared away and won't kill themselves on the windows.

  2. thanks for the tip! Fortunately he doesn't actually seem to hurt himself at all - it's always the same bird and we think he (or maybe she) has a nest in our big pine tree which is nice.

  3. Hi there
    I know its an old posting but your feathered friend looks like a Hoopoe to me.
    Great blog, most enjoyable


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