summer holidays are FAB because...

...we get so much done on the house! The bathroom is framed and ready for cans and plumbing, which I am going to see a man about today. The solar system is ordered and we will have Saturn, Jupiter and Mars installed for September. Oh, and the photovoltaics and water heater too. A friend of ours from Planeta Imaginario is coming down in August to do our electrical installation and we are furiously throwing mud at the walls to get them into some kind of flatish plane.
More? Yes. Oscar has been pounding tyres around the water tanks to make them invisible and I have painted the whole outside of the house (one coat still to go). We are now debating our flooring material...

...we have time to sleep all we want at midday! It's so hot then that there is no need to feel guilty if you collapse on the sofa for a couple of hours every afternoon. I LOVE siestas. vege patch is in fruit! It's so exciting to go out every morning and see what there is for lunch. And rootling for potatoes is good fun - like treasure hunting. They appear whitish against the dark soil and it's a real thrill. Am I embarrassing myself here getting thrilled at potatoes?

Anyway, apart from all that we have been playing and having band rehearsals in the earthship which is very pleasant - great acoustics. Oscar has managed to pick up ANOTHER award for his album - the Altaveu Frontera - and more concerts for after the summer to look forward to.

So apart from the obvious not having to work, summer holidays really are FAB.

photos soon