Bathroom wall and looking after the little house

We had saved quite a few blue gin bottles (no - we didn't drink it all ourselves) and other bottles we liked the shape of and in July we hired a wet tile cutting saw. The place we hired it from didn't have a small machine so we had to take a HUGE one which weighed a ton but got the job done. Here am I with my protective dragon hide gloves and bullet proof goggles cutting the bums off the bottles...... which we then taped together to make glass bricks...
...and then put them in the bathroom wall to decorate and let some light shine through. Like this.
Now we mud all around (see previous post - things are getting a bit out of order I'm afraid) and it looks purty. I am in current crisis about modifying some of these bottle bits, which means knocking down what we've already done and driving Oscar crazy. I'll let you know how it pans out.

Of course we also have to maintain our little igloo of a hut and this year was painting year. It's amazing how white something looks until you put something white next to it, if you get what I mean. Here's me balancing on the slope of our dome slapping on the clean stuff......and here's what it looks like all white - it took some wearing of sunglasses to get used to it in the summer sunshine, I can tell you.
I still have some catching up to do but I don't want to heap it all in one post. More soon.