concerts and methylcrylate

We went to Vic, a town in Catalonia, last weekend to play on a huge stage. Our Aussie friend Bec was there and took some photos . Here is one of them.Oscar was also awarded one of the Puig Porret prizes (winner in his category - singer songwriter, finalist for the big prize) which, apart from being a jolly good thing, means we have a clear methylcrylate cylinder which will be perfect as a rolling pin. It's good when awards have a practical use. The Altaveu award was a V shaped statue which doesn't have much use except as a sort of dodgy book end. And who really wants a portrait of Ovidi Montllor hanging in their sitting room (I may be accused of blasphemy for that)?

We have also discovered that a methylcrylate cylinder does strange things to your eyes when you look through it. This is Carla methylcrylated. Cute isn't she?
So now we are off to Frankfurt to play for the Germans. Should be fun, all the band together in a strange land. I'll have to brush up on my Deutsch. Oops, that's right, I don't have any. Oh well. Ich bin ein bin liner...right?


  1. ich bin berliner would be better....ich bin ein berliner means i am a doughnut.. :o) JFK liked been a doughnut....

  2. Hello Carlo C.
    Actually it was a bit of a joke copied from Alexi Sayle, an Australian comedian who was ridiculing JFK. Ich bin ein bin liner means, of course, that I am plastic bag. Which I am not. Nor am I a doughnut. But I like doughnuts. And bin liners can be useful...
    In any case we are going to Frankfurt and I am being silly.

  3. Mr Bolovski is from Australia??


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