freak storm

Wow. This is what 160 litres of rain per square metre per hour looks like at our house. It was a real whopper storm with lightning falling right on us (obviously not on us-us but right near us and I even got an electric shock as I was barefootedly leaning on our wet aluminium door frame wondering at nature. Der. Ouch.) and water washing our newly put-in-place dirt all over the place. Ho hum. At least the tanks are full. I calculated that we caught about 4000 litres in an hour and a half. There was a bit of damp in one wall which hadn't been sealed from the outside but it has already dried out (in about three days) and some drips came in the skylights because there was SO MUCH water on the roof that it got up and under the thingummies that are supposed to stop it getting up and under. Must seal. At least we know where the weak spots are now.
Oscar has been concreting the most urgent bits and after a coat or three of good paint we will be well and truly watertight. The good newsa is that the little house didn't get ANY water inside at all.


  1. Hello there. I've been searching your website for contact details but cannot find any (probably wise not to put any up there) as I would realy love to talk to you guys about about your project. I am in Ibiza living and working on a project called Casita Verde, The one with the greenheart sticker you see on so many cars. Could you please send me an email at as there are some questions I hope you guys can help me with.
    Many thanks
    p.s love the what i've seen of your place

  2. yay that the house stood the storm!


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