End of October

Well, it's more than a month since what ended up being the first of a series of torrential rainfalls. We have had SO MUCH water. That first Friday was 160 litres, then every single weekend following there was the same - in fact a couple of times more - water from the sky to overflow our tanks and make our freshly piled berm disintegrate in a river of mud. Add this to the roads to our house being dug up to lay irrigation pipes and you have a very muddy, inconvenient few weeks. We saw cars and vans completely bogged in sandy soil for days on end and veritable flooding over roads and through fields on several occasions. It seems that things have cleared up now (I am gripping the wooden table with one hand as I type this with the other) and that we will be able to get on with things like installing the solar system and general landscaping.

We have had other visitors apart from Oh Rain God too. He (or she) was accompanied for a week by my parents who came to stay and were promptly put to work! Here are Dad and Oscar making the most of a few rainless hours to rig up a very effective erosion barrier around one of our water tanks...

And here, we have Di who is really the best gardener I know clearing months of weeds from our (ever so slightly) neglected garden. One year's seeding is seven years' weeding!
Just previous to the rains we also had a Dutch couple, Rogier and Laila, come to stay for a week or so in their most marvellous George. Click HERE for their point of view and a great website! They were very enthusiastic and were also put to work...am I discourging you from visiting with all this "put them to work"...? It is certainly better narrative but the truth us that people normally WANT to work and we really don't have to twist their arms at all. No really, it's true...

What else happened in October? Um...oh yes, we went back to work and school and the winter routine. Carla turned 10 and was given a number of gorgeous presents including a Viennese mask and a DIGITAL camera which she is making excellent use of. Here she is on her birthday... ...and...and...and I have finished the electrical conduit-ing which will hopefully be filled by a friendly electrician in the next few weeks, the solar panel people have confirmed that they will be installing in the mid two weeks of November or Movember as it is being called by a my mate Ad who is growing a mo to raise money for research into prostate cancer and male depression. If you feel like sponsoring him (we did!) then click HERE and go for it. His number is 121503.


  1. it's always good to get your visitors to work!

    Wow - Carla is only 10!?? I remember when Emma went to support you at her birth, feels like much more than ten years ago!!

    Happy Birthday Carla!

  2. Ya casi está a punto de estar a punto vuestra casita... ahora nos toca a nosotros bajar a veros, que la comida en nuestra casa se quedó un poco "multitudinaria"... y, si hace falta, a echaros un cable!

    Por cierto... para alguna de las paredes, podríamos hacer una gran "fiesta de la cerveza" : http://www.inhabitat.com/2007/10/11/heineken-wobo-the-brick-that-holds-beer/

    Besos para todos.

  3. hola lisa y flia! soy Magali y me alegro mucho de todas las cosas lindas que estan haciendo, y espero que siga asi y dentro de poco tengan su sueño terminado.(aunque en una casa siempre hay algo que hacer)
    Ya me pasare un dia asi charlamos un poquito que no me olvido de vos eh!! y aprovecho y te llevo los libros (que vergüenza)que hace un monton que me los dejaste para leer.
    Bueno espero verte pronto mucho besos!!! byee

  4. Hey there Bec,
    It really does seem like ages ago that Carla was born. It goes so quickly sometimes I think we should do it all over again but then the thought of so many sleepless nights dampens my enthusiasm...I don't know how YOU manage with everything!
    I read and enjoyed OOTS. Looking forward to whatever you're doing now. Also read Emma's nursing story and thought it was great, although it ended a bit abrupty. This is turning into an email so I'll stop here and reply to
    AKAE: la comida estaba muy bien! y sí, teneis que venir aquí algún día para una fiesta buarro que dice Toni. Ya hablaremos.
    MAGA: I'll write to you in English so you can practice! How are you both? We should have another oven day soon - I'll talk to Elena and see if we can organize something ok? un abrazo.


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