Hammocks and the shower

It's getting cold here now and we had our first frosty windshield this morning. The dews are very heavy at the moment and the other morning I noticed all of these little dewy hammocks all over the place. Pretty aren't they? The owners are actually large, skinny spiders who stretch themselves out to look like a stick but I couldn't find one to photograph so...

I took a picture of this green caterpillar instead. He(she?) was eating a plant I don't really like anyway so I didn't disturb. Couldn't bear the thought of its squishy body under that thin skin. And can you see the spike?!

On the house front, we've been waiting for a couple of weeks now for the Messers Solar to come and give us power and hot water. Meanwhile plumbing has been almost tidied and the bathroom has been started in earnest.
Oscar, apart from fixing up the outside of the house: is building the walls we need out of old refractory bricks that his dad had lying around: and I am carefully shaping the shower out of sand, chicken wire and cans: Once we are electrified we can test all of the connections and conduits and start covering the ones that work (hopefully all of them) and fixing the ones that don't. THAT means MUD.


  1. Hello Lisa and Oscar!

    First of all congratulations for your blog, I really enjoy reading it.
    I discovered the "Earthship world" a few months ago and now I'd be interested in building one. Do you think it could be possible to arrange a visit to your place so I can have a look? My email adress is quincoces@hotmail.com, I'm from Madrid.

    Best wishes!

  2. Hi Laura,

    it would be possible to arrange a visit, yes. I'll e-mail you with the best times etc!

    glad you enjoy the blog

  3. Hello Lisa and Oscar!

    First of all congratulations for your blog.

    I discovered earthship.net last month and I really love this way. Belonging land is for my much a bigger problen than building with straw or earthship way by now.

    Anyway I´m very interested in knowing more about you in the web, and visiting any building around the world sounds good enought to try to go Andaman or Valencia in the future.

    Please let me know anything. I´m in San Sebastian until 10/15 january and around Calcatta later. I´ll introduce myself if possible... (imanol55@hotmail.com).

    To end, thanks to Laura for making half of this letter posible.



  4. Hola Imanol,

    siento no haberte contestado antes pero a veces no me doy cuenta que alguién ha dejado un comentario. No estoy acostumbrado a ello!

    Puedes visitar si quieres. Es mejor contactar conmigo antes por si acaso tenemos planes. Te paso mis datos en un email!
    saludos y gracias por tu comentario


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