more mud, a table and a cupboard

There is mud flying everywhere here at the moment! Only the good sort of course, as Oscar does a constant two concrete boats a day all on his own. It makes things look so much more finished although there are at least another couple of coats to go, and it also makes the rooms look even bigger.

Between bouts of mud-slinging, he has also had time to make the most of an old cable bobbin, a bit of scrap marble that we had lying around and an old piece of chipboard that we once used (years ago) as a table top for a dinner which over-stretched the limits of our little two person table.

Meanwhile I have been fiddling with small things and managed to make a cupboard with a door that actually opens and closes. Inside are the carbon filter and small pump which will take grey water fom the planter to our toilet cistern. All we need now is the toilet cistern, and the water of course.