more mud and light switches.

Oscar's been doing heaps of mud on Carla's future bedroom and it looks so great that it feels like we will actually get the house finished one day in the not too distant future. I have been making more timber stuff, starting with the bench in the bathroom and moving on to what will be a partition wall at some point. Apart from that, Josep our electricity main(s) man has been doing more complicated wiry stuff and we have two rooms finished electrically speaking.I also took a few big left over beams of wood to Paco the Carpenter who very kindly sawed them into managable bits of furniture making size. On the house. I mean, I didn't have to pay. He didn't actually saw them on the house, although you could in theory put a saw up there, because the roof is pretty flat and definitely solid enough to hold a saw. And we could even plug it in now too. Hmmm.