Hot Water Cold Weather

Why is it that the people who have to do any work on the roof always come when it is raining? It is completely infallible. In fact the head of the local Agricultural Cooperative has officially requested that we do lots of work on the roof over the coming few months to ease the drought situation. No, really!

Just look at that sky...The solar fellas came to install our hot water heater at last (only five months after the order...not too bad for Spain) and apart from a bit of a leak which of course was conveniently situated right on top of my battery bank and electrical thingummy, all went well. Only trouble is we haven't had any sun since last Thursday so the water is still cold. Of course we don't need it yet. Need to finish the bathroom and kitchen first.


  1. This is so cool I have wanted to build an "earthshelter" as a project and to store harvest from my garden but with soaring prices and having to work more than full time for my own overspending it is still just a dream. some day I will convince my better half that this issomething we should do! Excellent job on the homes by the way they are gorgeous!

  2. I forgot to add that when we removed the roof off of our current house to add an addition our area of Colorado ended its' drought and we were flooded for what seemed like an eternity! So I understand the request it does seem to work!!!

  3. Hey!

    Thanks for your comments. I'm sure you'll get round to doing it someday, it's a big project but great to do together and pretty satisfying in the long run. We are on the home stretch now and it's getting really exciting - we might actually get to live in this thing after all!



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