A tour!

Finished rough mud and bathroom in use...
music by oscar


  1. Awesome!
    no vais a saber qué hacer con tanto espacio!
    Tony nos estuvo enseñando unas fotos de cuando estuvo allí ésta semana, y la verdad es que, en el vídeo, las bóvedas parecen aún más grandes.
    Ya lo tenéis casi a punto!

  2. Your house looks amazing. My husband and I have been admiring your work for some time now. We are talking of building an earthship in Nebraska. I love the bottles you've sunk in the wall for towel hooks. I was talking about them with my aunt the other day. Keep up the great work! We can't wait to see the finished product.

    Denise Wegener
    Omaha, NE

  3. thanks Denise! It's always amazing to me that people actually read my blog!
    The bottles are Mistela by the way - a sweet Spanish dessert wine.
    I'm kind of looking forward to seeing it all finished too...

  4. Mooie video!!...Funny to see how the proces evolves... Your bathroom with the shower-curtains. It looks really sweet now it's in use. And the bike's standing on the place where the cementmill was standing. And the matras in the bedroom... Can't wait to see the plants in the cell...
    The weather looks great also!!..at this moment in Holland the clouds are crying..
    By the way; we get a lot of good response by the people we show our pictures of your 'ship' to. But a lot of new questions rise by looking thouroughly at them. Why didn't I ask more when we was at your place??..
    At the moment i'm sketching my own ship with all I know.. and then buy a piece of land and of we go...



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  6. Hey D,
    You'll just have to come back down and ask us all those questions...we'll look forward to it!
    love to you all

  7. very very cool! YOu must be excited about moving in...soon?

    MORE of those video clips please.

  8. awesome is quite right. I am looking for my own place to do just this.


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