Well, it's been so busy this last month or so with visitors from all over the shop! We had a Norwegian fellow called Arne come and help with some mud, then a Dutch couple and their two gorgeous children came and camped out for a few days also helping Oscar with the mud and me with the bathroom. We were also extremely happy to have two lots of relatives come and stay from Australia for a few days - more please!
The last lot was an unexpected surprise. Carla's school year had all gone to school with their bikes last Wednesday. They were going to ride out to a nearby picnic site and have morning tea in the sun. In fact we drove past them on our way home from shopping, to a chorus of "Hola" and waves from the many who know us through Carla or the academy. Anyway, we got home and after just enough time to make a cup of coffee and split a pastry in two, we heard a curious rumour of childish shouting and doggish barking. Apparently they'd set out from school a little later than planned and had run out of time to get to the picnic site so Carla had suggested our place as an alternative. Why not?! Coffee in hand we gave all fifty of them (plus two teachers and two local police officers) a guided tour of the place with explanations of how and why included. They asked heaps of questions and had a good play about with Luka and the countryside. Maybe we should think about doing some sort of formal educational thing...


  1. Hi Oscar and Lisa,

    I am writing to you because my boyfriend and I are interested in doing the same thing with building an earthship of our own. We went to the NY premiere of Garbage Warrior and met Mike Reynolds. Since that day our lives have changed for the better. We have been looking at land in Catalunya to potentially buy and start the earthship.

    We will be be in Barcelona in August and was wondering if we can come take a look and even apprentice with you. We're enthusiastic about rolling our sleeves up and helping. We will be in Spain for less than a week before we fly back to NY.

    What do you think?

    SKYPE: tai-ichiang


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