The Berm

Here is a photo of the house from behind. As you can see, it doesn't much look like a house at all and as the vegetation takes root it will look more and more like a small hill.


  1. hello; I'm joaquim and I'm from Barcelona. I don't speak very good english but I will try to ask you my question. I'm making a school project (of 2nd of baxiller) of bioclimatism but I want to make an article about earthships because I don't know anythin about this subject. I have to go the 3rd of nobember(or another day) to valencia because I want to visit bioclimatic houses and i want to know if you let people see your home or if you can explain me what is a earthship. Thank you very much for your atention; congratulations for the new house.


  2. Hi Joaquim,
    pots escriure en espanyol o català sense problemes.
    Ens sembla molt interessant que facis una cosa així amb nens de batxiller. Si vols visitar - envia el teu correu electrònic i ens posarem en contacte amb tu per a concretar hores, telefons etc.


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