plants in the planter

Oscar and I went to a local nursery and got lots of lovely plants for our water recycling botanical cell. They are all in and so far none have keeled over dead. We are now flushing the toilet with water that has been used for our shower and then filtered through the gravel and peat moss to the well at the end of this cell. A pump sucks it up and sends it to the loo. When the washing machine and kitchen sink go in, grey water from there will also go into the cell.
To be honest, the water is a bit smelly when agitated at the moment and it is black from the peat moss but apparently (and here I am really, really hoping theory becomes reality) this is normal and it should get better and better as the plants become established and the mini-ecosystem that cleans the water starts to evolve. We always have the tank water option if it hasn't worked in about a year or so.


  1. Wauauwieieie that looks beautiful. My fantastic straight windows with these lovely plants! Superb!

    And Lisa, are you enjoying your little corner at the end of the corridor? Have you been sitting there reading your books yet? Love, Tessel.

  2. Thanks Tessel,
    Aren't they just the best sawn bits of wood ever?
    No, I am not enjoying my corner yet because we still have to finish the mud in the Us and Oscar is currently recording his new album in our future bedroom - no peace!
    But I have got the iron bed to go in the corner and am restoring it now.
    You'll have to come and see it for yourselves!

  3. That looks sooooo amazing.., I'm so impressed. It's really coming together... I'm afraid we just HAVE to visit later in the year...

    cheers, Rogier

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and your house is both beautiful and amazing. I am so impressed with what you are building. I wish the very best of luck.

  5. why thank you both Rogier and Writer!

  6. hi Lisa and Oscar
    i'm very curiuos about the earthship you are building. I'm going to make a trip with my oldest son (20), starting friday at the airport of Valencia. Is it allright for you if we drop by in the afternoon? And if so, could you explain how to arrive?

  7. Hello Mateo,
    yes it is okay to drop by. please send me your email address so I can give you directions.


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