You know you're building a house when... actually get excited when someone says "I have a few old bits of plaster board left over if you want to come and pick them up". Oooh yeah.
My brother in law was updating his sausage drying racks and rang to see if I wanted the old timber ones complete with sausage mould and a hundred nails per piece. Well of course I did!
So we nabbed the hundred-year-old things to use as a wall frame for the mechanical room. It took a couple of hours with a hammer to denail them all, but it was worth it because under the layer of sausage mould (I have learnt a thing or two in this nation of bleach-wielders) the timber is very strong and healthy.
See?And here is Carla's room split in two (bedroom and study or play area) with the aforementioned plaster board...

Ah, the joy of hand-me-downs.


  1. The house is awesome...can you please tell me how you route your graywater to your greenhouse? My husband and I are going to do that in our house that we are building, but we haven't figured out how to yet! Any help is greatly apprecited!

    Thank you,


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