will we finish for September?

Weeellll...We've done the entrance now, just needs painting.

Our bedroom is finished, waiting for floor tiles to arrive.

The kitchen sink and drinking filter are installed and running.
And we just keep on working at it. Expecting visitors this week and next so we will either get nothing done, or get the visitors dirty doing stuff!


  1. Hello, I was wondering where you are in Valencia? I live in Granada and run a little guesthouse in the Albayzin but am hoping to find a place in Spain to try to build an earthship. Am very curious how it was to get permission in Spain to do this because I know getting permission to do anything is very time consuming and difficult. Have a look at my house here in Granada and also at my blog for a solar powered music project I have started.
    Gracias y animos,

  2. Well, we are about 35 km from the capital and about 6 km from the nearest town. We haven't actually got building permission but there is a couple (Dave and Laura - link to their site to your right) who do!
    Will check out your site soon. We love Granada and the surrounding area.
    Cheers Rafa


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