Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Pop the bubbly, we did it! We have been sleeping in the house for about two weeks now and even have a front door made by me. We absolutely love it, even the smelly toilet water isn't so smelly or so brown any more and the warm mud walls and delicious floor make it cosy as cosy can be, even if there isn't very much furniture yet. Have a look!

Bathroom lights on and kitchen at night

Planter in the morning sun
Front door I made all by myself!

Carla's front room reading area.

Planter in front of our room

Floor of our room with obligatory guitar.

Kitchen detail.

Bathroom wall in the daytime.


akae said...

¡ole ole!
Si me paro a pensarlo, me siento un poco mal, por no poder haber sido partícipe del proceso para aprender algo ( ¡y echar una mano!).
Seguro que agradecéis el espacio y la luz de un hogar que habéis construido con vuestras propias manos. ¡Disfrutadlo! ¡os lo merecéis!

Denise said...

Oscar and Lisa

Happy House and Congratulations! Your home is SO beautiful and the pictures make me long for the day that I can even beginning planning my earthship. SUCH BEAUTIFUL colors and amazing craftsmanship. You are truly talented.

Much Love from Nebraska
Denise W

Anne-Sophie said...

waauw! I really admire you both! You are very talented indeed! Warm colours, the plants are cool, really nice work. Now you can start to enjoy the work you did.

Anne-Sophie (girlfriend of Ward Janssen from Belgium, we visited your iglo-house shortly in 2006)

ps: Are there meanwhile changes in de laws in Spain about earthships?

lisa and oscar said...

thanks all:
Anne-Sophie, there is a coule down south who have planning permission for an earthship - there is a link to their earthship adventure on the right (Dave and Laura's earthship),

sergi_cj said...

Hey there Lisa, I'm sergi (u), i've just seen your new house and it's not bad, it could have been better, no, I'm just kidding, it's GORGEUS!!!!, really love those coloured bottle things. Hope you'll enjoy it (I know you will). Congrats, I'm impressed, keep up the good work!!!

Sergi, from l'Alcudia (in case you still don't know who I am).
Really hope that I didn't make any mistakes in the comment :D ;).

Kebeni said...

WOW! you guys have done an awesome job. Thanks for sharing the journey

Balans said...

Cheers to you and your lovely home! It's looking super great. It always has but now it is finished; it's looking all cute, cosy and warm. Especially with the light/dark balans in the evening.

Light and love,

Ingrid & Derk

PS. We in the neighberhood in November, love to visit.

lisa and oscar said...

Sergi - of course I know who you are and...thanks!

Balans - come on down, we'd love to see you guys!

Everyone: THANKS!!! The next step is our ecological garden so stay tuned!

guillem said...

Enhorabona xics!!! Qui persisteix té la seua recompensa; disfruteu-se-la que aquesta casa si és sencera vostra!

Lisa, neccesite la teua direcció de correu, desconec si encara continua activa la de hotmail, i la d'ací del "blogger" no sé pq no puc vore-la.

Un abraç

Someday I'll drop there for a while


Douwe said...

Hi Lisa and Oscdar,

Congratulations with this great house! Wat a wonderfull pictures! Wat a space! And a big kithcen! A special room for Carla! Compared to the hut you've lived in with spereate shower-toiletroom this must be heaven. Dont forget: enjoy also sitting in the garden in the cool evening, looking proudly over this marvelous earthship Build By Your Own Hands...

Douwe Kunst Zwolle, The Netherlands

lisa and oscar said...

Gracias Guillem! Mis emails no han cambiado.

Douwe - so glad you still keep up with the build you are one of the ORIGINAL builders! Are you going to come down and stay in the hut and pay us a visit some day? We hope so.
lisa and oscar

A said...

Menudo trabajazo y que maravillosa recompensa a vuestro esfuerzo.
Sin duda alguna no se puede comparar en ningún aspecto a una casa normal.
Este fin de semana me vi el documental "Garbage warrior" y casi isofacto me puse a buscar información. Fue una gran alegria ver que habia alguien en España que estaba haciendo una!
Espero que no os importe si alguna vez os mando un mail con dudas que no haya podido descubrir en la red ^__^

Estaré esperando ver como va vuestro jardin y la decoración de la casa!

Un saludo y enhorabuena

lisa and oscar said...

Muchas gracias A!
Ya iré poniendo más fotos - las plantas ya tocan el techo y algunas están en flor - muy bonito!

Tom and Marsha said...

Beautiful Home. My wife andI are starting one in Texas this spring. I have followed your blog this past year. thanks for the insight and the photos.


Tom and Marsha said...

Beautiful Home. My wife andI are starting one in Texas this spring. I have followed your blog this past year. thanks for the insight and the photos.


lisa and oscar said...

Thanks Tom and Marsha - good luck with your build!