another tour of the house...


  1. It looks FANTASTIC! You guys did an amazing job!

  2. Your house it's so nice...Thank you very much for doing that.You are truly an example for us to follow.

  3. Hola!

    Precioso tour por la casa, es genial saber de vosotros.

    Espero que todo os vaya bien, el agua, la electricidad, y todas esas cosas que puedan preocupar ^_^

    Hoy he comprado un pack especial para documentarme sobre hacer earthship, estoy deseando que lleguen!

    Un abrazo y Feliz Navidad y prospero año 2009 (por si no volveis a postear hasta año nuevo!)

  4. quina preciositat de casa i cuánta llum!! estic buscant info sobre els earthship, milers de persones no poden estar equivocades!

  5. Hi! it's fabulous, we'd like our earthship to land in Portugal. And our Zuza says hi to Floyd:):):) (She's a slim version:)

    Mind yourselves!

  6. Very nice. Your home looks lovely. We also started with a hut but never lived in it. Our tire pounders stayed there instead. We've been in our vg earthship since 2003.


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