spring 2009

The peach trees are in glorious blossom and the weather, though windy is benign. I had to slow down the other day for a horse and cart on the road home. I'm glad. It's nice to take the foot of the accelerator from time to time.
We have kitchen shelves and some lamps in the house now, I must take some pictures. For now I leave you with the peach blossom and the cat in the box. Have you ever met a cat that didn't like a box?


  1. Preciosas vistas para una primavera adelantada.
    Sólo he encontrado una respuesta a tu pregunta: ésta.

  2. jajaja - ya conocia yo al pobre gato de schrodinger. que terrible dilemma.
    a ver cuando venis!

  3. that is one gorgeously kookie cat. Looks like a lot of fun to spoil him

  4. Anonymous11:59 am

    Hallo Lisa and Oscar. We do like your project. Womderful. Can we See it?Please
    Do Please let us Know where you are! My wife Myra and myself and a frien we are here in Valencia,Fryday the 8th. We would like to come and see it, if is convenient? Can you Please send usa text on our Telephone as soon as possible, so we can arrange to see you both, and ofcorse Mercedes and the Fluffy Bots!! Chickens
    Our telephone number is 637119136 Please if failing that can you Please send an E-mail to antoniomuiana@yahoo.co.uk

  5. Hallo Antonio y Myra. I tried to email you but the message was returned to me. We are available on the 8th if you want to come. Let me know how you are traveling so I can give you directions. my email is lisajane_r@hotmail.com


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