flowering front face

all of the creepers and the valerian and lavender and sage and rosemary and thyme and...well everything is in gorgeous flower on the front face. this is good, not only because they are beautiful, but also because they are watered by the dew that we collect from our roof. it runs down into our first flush pipes and then through a tap we installed into drip irrigation all along the front face rock garden that Oscar built.


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Hola, os escribo desde el pais vasco y estoy investigando todo esto de los earthship para en un fuuro no muy lejano poder vivir en una casa de estas caracteristicas.
    Tengo una duda (mas bien un millon)pero empiezo por una: que tipo de permiso se debe tener para construir una casa asi? puede ser una parcela rustica? o debe ser parcela edificable?



  2. This is an interesting blog. I like what you have done with the home

  3. Hey,
    thanks everyone!


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