Oh my Goat...a Mercedes!

Oscar has wanted something to keep all the grasses and weeds under control for quite a while now, and I assumed he would eventually get around to buying a whipper-snipper or some such. Imagine my surprise when on Sunday last this arrived.

We have named her Mercedes and she follows us round like a little puppy, bleating when we disappear from sight. She still smells like baby goat instead of goaty-goat which is endearing. At two months, she is obviously far too young to have kids and give us milk, but we hope that in a year or so we will be having to milk her a couple of times a day and watching our grassy patches get mowed in silence.
Fingers crossed for the rest of the garden...


  1. G#!!!!
    Is that true?? Hahah, i can't believe it. Well, in a year you guys will get me stucked under its tits, tasting the fresh milk as my fathers (and my fathers' fathers) did.
    Loads of kisses.

  2. Anonymous3:18 pm

    Hola Lisa! Soy Alberto 'from' Carlet... Te acuerdas de alta tecnologia? Seguro! Me alegra encontrarte por la red después de tantos años de desconexión... Y me acuerdo cuando me pedias latas de cola para algo marciano que ibas a montar, y mira por donde, menudo earthship.. Glad to see you again! Ya te iré visitando de vez en cuando... Quizà algun dia si quieres podemos quedar para ver tu choza live.. Ya hablamos!

  3. Hi Guys, I hope you have better luck with the goat than we had with 10 geese. We thought they would keep the grass down but all they did was eat it in one end and deposit it back out the other! Then the foxes decided they would eat them all instead:-)
    Thanks for all the help and kindness and hope to see you again soon

  4. Hey there,
    that's the cutest lawnmower i've ever seen. She likes Carla's old playshed for a home? Hope Luka gets along.

    Cya guys around some holiday...

    Love and light from the Dutchies.

  5. Hahaha extremely cute!

    Me encanta ver este blog y como va progresando todo. Es casi un alivio ver que este tipo de proyectos se puede llevar a cabo en España, con proyecto me refiero a hacer un earthship e intentar vivir independiente.

    Espero que todo os este yendo bien, si no poneis quejas es por que todo marcha.

    Un saludo!


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