What to do when you finish building your house...

Build a chicken house and coop in the corner of the garden (chickens to come).

Make much needed cupboards like you've been saying you would for months now.
Doors pending.

Build a bookcase to be filled with some of Carla's books.

Then re-plaster and re-floor the hut so that it people can visit!

And suddenly it's summer!


  1. Hi!
    Long time since I visit this blog last time. I have to say it: I love your earthship and the work are you doing in it!
    I wish I can see a photo of Mercedes next time and chikens too.
    All the wood work look so good. You're an artits!

    I hope everything goes well.

    Whats the weather there? It's ok in the earthship?

  2. Hello Oscar, lisa-jane and Carla!

    How nice to see your blog with the amazing progress of your earthship! I´m Anne(Dutch)I used to live in Hondon de las Nieves. Remember i visited you one day in Valencia? It must be already 3years ago now..

    Since 2.5 years i live in Barcelona with my dutch boyfriend.
    I have a normal officejob now but Interior decorating is my (real) profession and I hope to be able to make it my main job in the future. I started a blog called 'Green Decoration' a platform for all types of decorating that can contribute to a better environment.

    My first subject is the earthship and i hope you don´t mind that i referred to your weblog?

    Best of luck to you all and keep on doing what you are doing because you are an example for the rest of the world.



  3. Anonymous11:31 pm

    have sent this e-mail to you last week and am running out of time slowly...

    Dear Lisa & Oscar.

    I'm an anthropologist and a sustainable living enthusiast from Slovakia. I have spent the last 3 years in Ireland - fundraising for my own family earthship-to-be and studying all available related materials in theory (including your blog, of course - ref follower "Vajda"). With money getting close to what I hope could be enough, I went to see my first E live over in Brighton back in April. And only a couple of hours ago, I have finaly managed to buy my own dream remote piece of land in neighbourghood of a Slovak eco-district/village Zajezova (http://zajezka.sk/ENindex.htm)!

    Do you mind if I stop by to have a brief look at your beauty by the end of the month (arr 27th Aug evening to Alicante)?

    I have planned my holiday to Murcia on purpose (beach camping) as I was hoping to see both yours and the Cuevas de sol Es while letting my little son and my fiancee enjoy some sun after all that 3-year-long rain...

    I understand completely your E is your private retreat so I'm not asking for anything more but a brief look and a brief chat (or even a mere allowance to have a peak around if you won't be available at the time). In the name of the future of humankind, of course ;-).

    Can bring you some saucy Eastern European music in return.

    Thanks for your time in any case,


  4. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Enhorabona Lisa i Oscar.
    Fa tres dies vaig descobrir el vostre blog gràcies al link que té Oscar al myspace.
    Em vaig llegir tots els posts d'una sentada. Què us sembla???Hahaha...molt emocionant tot per mi, no podia parar de llegir, tot seguit des del primer post fina a l'últim. Jo també estic a punt de emprendre un projecte a la província de Guadalajara ( de reforma) i he trobat el vostre blog molt i molt interessant.
    Gràcies per compratir l'experiència a la red.

  5. Ascen,
    Thank you so much. I will try to get some photos of the goat and chickens up for you.

    I replied to your email but you seem not to have received anything. So sorry about that. I hope you manged to get to Dave and Laura's.

    lovely to hear from you. Your blog sounds great I will have a look. hope you are keeping well in Barcelona.

    And gràcies pels comentaris, no puc creure que hagis llegit tot de una sentada-quina barbaritat!


  6. Anonymous5:03 pm


    No prob - at least we've seen Dave's pit in Spain. Also, there's an E-workshop coming up next week in Polish Krakow with Kevan Trott, which will deal with most of our dilemmas related to Central European climate; so we got over the disappointment of not being able to see your beauty a bit more easier ;-)

    Best of luck and thanks for your reply,


  7. Anonymous5:31 am

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  8. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Hola chicos! Nose si les llego mi anterior Mail, soy Maxi de argentina y estoy de viaje recorriendo algunas earthship porque dentr de muy poco empiezo a construir la mía con mi compañera! Me encantaría pasar a ver su NAVETIERRA!,

    Los felicito y los admiro!

    Abrazo grande

    Mi Mail: maxisanchez11@hotmail.com

    Espero su rta gracias!!


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