Brighton Inspired.

It's Monday after an amazing weekend up in Brighton, UK. Earth Builds, Brighton Permaculture Trust and the Low Carbon Trust organized a conference celebrating 10 years of Earthships in Europe and asked me to go along and speak about our experience.
I enjoyed it enourmously and was so happy to finally meet other earthshippers and actually see my first earthship (other than my own of course) out at Stanmer Park.

But...did anyone take any photos?


  1. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Hello Lisa, I took a few pictures. I was not lucky to get any presentations though :-[ Jakub /

  2. Hi, Lisa, It is Yan, I didnt get photos, but can i have any luck to get your presenations, especially and cost break downs.

  3. Anonymous8:54 am

    Love your earthship it is definitely the prettiest I have seen.
    My name is Torgrim Flaten I live in Norway, on the vest coast. I am planning to build an earthship, but I have never seen or been inside one.

    I know this is a short notice, but is it possible for me to visit your earthship? I am going for a holiday in Spain tomorrow and going to stay until July the 2.
    I am staying in Albir, just a 2 hour drive from Valencia.

    My e-mail address is

    Best regards

    Torgrim Flaten

  4. hey Lisa, its Derk from Holland.

    Nice to read ya been to Brighton, I've been there last octobre 2009, for an Earthship update.. I've met Mischa and all. There's a good sphere in that ship, really inspiring, I liked the round hut very much.

    We are building a sort of ship right now; it's a symbiose of an existing old house with a new 'U' attached to it to the south.. It's bloody hard work building!! But fun!

    I'll sent ya some pics when it's finished.

    Hope ya allright!

    Cheers and love


  5. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Hi Everyone
    My name is Lucas and I am an Australian currently living in Germany (Berlin).

    I am currently taking some time out from my day to day live and would really love to come and help out someone on the build of their sustainably home.

    Does anyone know any websites I can look on to find people that might like some help. I have a post grad degree in sustainability and have renovated a few houses so I know how to swing a hammer. :)

    Please contact me at if you can point me in the right direction. Thanks


  6. hello, my name is belinda and i live in holland, dreaming about building an earthship. I love your blog! can i mention your blog on mine?

  7. Hello everyone, sorry not to have replied earlier, especially to you Torgrim. I am in Australia and have not been checking my blog at all. Belinda, yes of course. Xygnet, my presentation was sort of off the cuff, so can't really send anything. I might publish the graph on my blog when I get back to Spain, okay?
    Derk, lovely to hear from you again. Hope you are all well and look forward to seeing photos!


  8. Hey Lisa, I've send you some pics of our new home.. check 'em in your mail.

  9. Magalí me mandó la página de ustedes, me encantó, pero por favor, ruego, imploro un traductor, porque mi inglés es tan básico, que el traductor de google es mejor...
    Besitos desde Argentina


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