Tweaking the ship.

It's been a while since I posted, but that's mainly because we haven't been doing very much work on the house at all. Just living in it happily over the winter. Of course, that doesn't mean there weren't things to be done and the good weather has brought out the builders in us and led to a flurry of tweaking.
The two main focal points have been the planter and the front face. Too much water in one and too much sun on the other. Solutions?
Planter: A three way valve off the internet to send the kitchen and washing machine water directly out to our outlaw septic (you should DEFINITELY do this if you haven't already, cleaning a revolting grease trap gets very old, very quickly) and a good old dig about to take a lot of the over-zealously applied dirt and replace it with room-giving gravel.
Windows: These lovely awnings which were installed on Wednesday and which have already kept the temperature at 22ºC today when it got up over 30ºC outside. Yay. We have also put summer shades over our enormous skylights to stop the heat coming through, the light is perfect for siestas over the coming summer.
Yay for us!


  1. Awnings look great, and sounds like they work great too!

  2. Dear Oscar and Lisa,
    I have been completely inspired by your Earthship building project and your home looks absolutely amazing...I moved to Spain a few months ago with little more than a lot of enthusiasm and ideas for forthcoming sustainable projects. I stayed in Barcelona for a little while but it was very hectic and I sought space in a beautiful self-sustainable home of a friend in a small town near Girona. Lots of time to think and a lot of reading later and I came across the concept of Earthships. Financially I am not in a great position but we are waiting to hear news about the owners of an abandoned house with alot of land surrounding it. As soon as we had found it, I began to think how wonderful it would be to begin planning my own Earthship.Once built, I´d love to use it to show others how to build similar solar homes. However...I need to learn alot more! I would love to ask you many questions about the starting process of your own home, though I don´t know where to start!! Did you own the land that you built on? Do you think it is possible to begin this kind of project without much financial backing but with alot of enthusiasm and time?! Anyway, I would be so grateful for any advice that you may have..thank you so much, and thank you for inspring me!Beth :)

  3. Hi friends,

    Could you give me your e-mail adress? I have some questions for you and it would be more comfortable for me to use my Google account. First of all: do you speak Spanish? 'Cause that would also contribute to my convenience... You can write back to me to:

    Thanks and congratulations for the life you have chosen to live,


  4. Buenas Oscar y Lisa,
    somos una pareja, Alex y Pilar y estamos muy interesados en la tecnica de earthship. Como el compañero Alberto Vallejo me gustaria saber si hablais español para asi poder asesorarnos mejor sobre esta fabulosa tecnica...

    Salud y saludos

  5. Apreciats Oscar i Lisa,
    estic escrivint l'entrada d'"earthship" per la viquipèdia en català i volia demanr-vos permis per esmentar el vostre projecte dins l'article. Hi teniu cap inconvenient? Si ho desitjeu us puc enviar la referència que us atany abans de publicar-la. Felicitats i gràcies per endavant.

  6. Thanks Lou!

    Beth, thanks to you too! In reply to your question, yes, we did own the land we built on, I do think its possible to start with little money as long as you have lots of time and energy. Feel free to keep asking and let us know how you get on!

    Pi, sí que hablamos español!

    Zyleb, sense cap problema - això sí, m'agradaria veure-ho primer - si pots m'envies el link abans de publicar - la meva adreça es

  7. Anonymous11:12 pm

    Hola, si pudiera ser, nos gustaria visitar vuestra casa, ya que estamos interesados en hacernos una. Gracias.
    Mi email es

  8. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Hi Oscar and Lisa,I live in Ireland and NEED to build an Earthship. There has never, to my knowledge,been one built here and I expect strong resistance from the Planners but I have to do this. I have a miniscule budget so I would like to take the same route as you guys and build a small one to start.. if I knew how to start. Have the land and a well. Can't afford any of the technology for the small one, so will have to go on mains sewer and electricity to start. Do I have to buy the plans/instructions from Biotecture/Michael Reynolds? Do I have to escavate or can I just build on the ground level. My site is flat - no convenient hills I'm afraid. Would really love any suggestions you could offer. Thanks and Regards
    Laura at


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