Oscar rocks the wall.

Our trip to France inspired Oscar no end.  When we got back he immediately tore all of the horrible lavender-choking Morning Glory - which was only ever pretty for a month or so each year, suffering from drought induced wither or frostbite the rest of the time - off the tyres here...

...and built this excellent rock wall using rocks that are still hanging around from the excavation of the hut 9 years ago.

Jolly good, what?


  1. Beautiful wall, what a talented person.

  2. Anonymous7:26 am

    dear Oscar and Lisa

    I am Fabio of Eartship belgium and would like to have a skype conference once with you if possible.
    feel free to let me know if you have the time to do so (my adress is fabeken@yahoo.com)
    our website link (direct to our blogs, also yours is there)




  3. Hi, I've recently went to help the builders of earthship Almeria (earthship.es), and me and my girlfriend would love to visit you during some week end of november to know more about you, your experience, and your earthship.
    please if you think that we could come contact me at zarius83@hotmail.com
    best regards

  4. Hi there! first i would like to say , what a good job u have done, the earthship looks really nice!!!
    My name is Barnabe and i live in London. I am Looking into building my own Earthsip in the very near future....and im trying to get as much advice i can.....so i was wondering if sometime next year i could pop by and visit your place. Im thinking of starting in either Spain or Portugal(im Portuguese) maybe u can tell me how hard are the planing laws in Spain
    Many thanks

  5. Morning Oscar and Lisa, thanks for putting your blog online. Its been a pleasure reading your past years exp. Daniel and I live in Cornwall UK. But we are planning to sell up and build an ES like you guys. I'm guessing building an ES in the UK has many planning and reg's restrictions. What was the planning law like where you are?


  6. LauburuProject10:05 am

    Morning guys!

    Congratulatios for your work!

    As Dean and Dan posted. I was wondering whether you got any place where you explain how you dealt with the spanish law.I have been checking the blog but could not find anything.

    I guess every community is different but having some rough idea of time, papers, money.. is always good.

    Thanks a lot!!

    Eman egurre!

    Btw Dean and Dan. As far a I remember the Brighton ES took 3 years to get papers sorted. (At that time the Greens were not in the council ;-) )

  7. Well done Oscar and Lisa-Jane. What an improvement. Earthships should always be built with local materials, as no doubt you heave seen in France.
    I hope you will be able to enjoy living in your earthship for a very long time.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


    Etienne Vandenbossche

  8. Well done Oscar and Lisa-Jane. What an improvement. Earthships should always be built with local materials, as no doubt you heave seen in France.
    I hope you will be able to enjoy living in your earthship for a very long time.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


    Etienne Vandenbossche

  9. Anonymous1:31 am

    Dear Oscar and Lisa,

    I am so excited to read your blog about your experiences. I have for a long time had a desire to move to a Spanish speaking country, I love the culture, the language, the people, the climate, food etc.

    Would be really cool to start an Earthship community in Spain :) How much did you pay for your property I wonder? Would really like to have a dialogue, either via email or Skype. Thanks!

    Skype id: mainster-dk
    email: kmandrup@gmail.com

    Best regards,

    Kristian, Copenhagen (DK)

  10. Hi Lisa and Oscar, I recently found your blog and ABSOLUTELY love your little earthship hut. I'm looking to build one myself to live in for about a year or two while I invest time in intensively farming a half acre of land. I'm looking to build one of roughly similar size to yours, and would love to speak further with you about some detail regarding the build and cost. I can't find a 'contact' link anywhere on here, and was wondering if you'd be kind enought to email me: miggymiester@gmail.com.

    thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you!!

  11. Hola, he leido que el proximo mes se hace un taller en Valencia sobre los earthships, ¿como me podría informar? gracias

  12. Hola Alberto,
    la verdad es que ni idea - ¿dónde lo has leído?

  13. Hi Lisa and Oscar,

    I am going to Valencia in April for 3 weeks to meet a Mexican friend of mine, Soledad, who is on an exchange just outside of Valencia. I am an RN in Portland, Oregon USA. It would bring me great joy to see an earthship on this trip and expose my friend to one. I have never been inside one or talked to people who have lived in one, have only seen videos and websites. I hope to visit Taos NM in October, but it would be a pleasure to meet you two and see how ES has been "translated" into another continent. My email is kristin.e.harman@gmail.com. You can look up my liscense on Oregon State Board of Nursing under my name if any hesitation exists about character. I am even willing to pay to stay in your house for a night, just to get a feel for it.

    Kristin Harman

  14. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Hola!! Somos Alejandro y Anahi de Argentina, en estos momentos estamos en Alemania y nos encantaría, si es posible, visitarlos para conocer su nave tierra y sus experiencias. En un futuro próxima quisiéramos comenzar nuestro propio proyecto en Argentina.

    Si fuera posible por favor escriban a aleimondi@gmail.com


  15. yoelHi there,
    I join the others in thanking you for this inspiring blog!

    We're a family looking to buy land in Spain and build an earthship as well.

    Could you perhaps help me a bit with how you found this place? Are there other people around living in earthships?
    We'd love to come and see visit you (if that's possible of course).

    We're currently in Germany.
    Our emails are:

    Thanks and have a wonderful day,

  16. Que tal Oscar y Lisa, estoy pensando en construir mi propia earthship dentro de no mucho, y me encantaria poder ponerme en contacto con uds, para algunas informaciones, y hasta hacerles una visitas ya que estoy en Barcelona, desde ya muchisimas gracias mi mail es rmannise@gmail.com

  17. CeciliaYagüe8:00 am

    Hola Oscar y Lisa,
    muchas gracias por poner el blog de vuestro earthship online. Nos encanta leerlo y fantasear con nuestro futuro Earthship.
    Me llamo Cecilia y soy de Valencia, pero Peter (mi pareja), Lucas (nuestro hijo) y yo vivimos en Austria.
    Pensamos desde hace tiempo hacernos una earthship y por eso nos encantaría poder visitaros y haceros unas cuantas preguntas al respecto.
    Tenemos planeado ir en Septiembre a Valencia.
    Sería posible visitaros?
    Mi mail es cecilia@hispaniafood.com
    Muchas gracias de antemano. Un abrazo y enhorabuena por vuestro Earthship!!

  18. Hi,

    sóc un aleman i em dic Cornel. Ara mateix estic vivint a Barcelona. Fa res que vaig descobrir els Earthships i ara estic molt fascinat amb l'idea de contruir un.
    No sé com contectar-vos així us deixo la meva adreça electronica i em faria moltíssima il·lusió escoltar de vosaltres. Tinc molts dubtes i sé que pot ser i un billió de persones que us pregunten moltes coses però malgrat d'això tinc l'esperança de parlar o fins i tot visitar vosaltres un dia. Molts records i felicitats pel vosre projecte magnífic. - cornel PD: cornelpeterrodenbusch(aroba)gmail.com

  19. Hi! My husband and I live in Stockholm, Sweden, and we are considering buying a property in Matarrana. We'd like to build an earthship. I'm wondering if you have any advice. Or if I might ask you some more detailed questions? Thank you in advance for your time. Best regards, Kristin

  20. Hola, Lisa&Oscar!!!

    Estamos desarrollando unas notas de prensa actualizadas sobre Earthships en España.

    Estamos colaborando en el desarrollo de 4 nuevos en España, algunos de ellos ya iniciados. Por lo que nos gustaría poder realizaros algunas preguntas para conocer en primera persona, las ventajas de vivir en un Earthship.

    Como podriamos haceros estas brevisimas preguntas!! :))

    Mi mail es earthshipspain@gmail.com

    Y Mis datos son:

    Miguel Perez
    Earthship Spain
    Facebook Earthship Spain

  21. Anonymous11:28 am

    Buenos días me gustaría saber mas de este proyecto, como por ejemplo la cubierta de la casa materiales...
    Gracias por ponerse en contacto a artealpairo@gmail.com
    Muchas gracias

  22. Hola! Me llamo Diego, estoy muy interesado en las earthships y demas cosas relacionadas con permacultura y sostenibilidada. Me gustaria hacerles algunas preguntas si es posible... les dejo mi email para un contacto mas comodo soypatas@hotmail.com Ponganse en contacto por favor =)! Saludos

  23. Hi Oscar & Lisa,

    Well Done! Clearly you have both invested a considerable amount of time and energy in your earthship. I live in Ibiza not too far from Valencia and would like to build the first earthship here. As we both live in the same country it would save me a considerable amount of time if you could give me some details regarding obtaining the license to build and any other obstacles that the Spanish building laws created for you. I can be contacted via email: simonjamesellis@gmail.com
    Thanks Simon


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