Exactly how do you furnish the curvy part of a U? After much searching we are lucky enough to have found a sofa with a rounded back and so after almost 9 years of faithful service, our little futon has retired to Carla's study and been replaced by this lovely big thing.

I was also determined to get rid of the wine box/particle board bookshelves you can see in the photo behind the sofa - they have been practical as a temporary solution but I wanted something more sturdy for the long run. So I spent a couple of weeks this summer hacking away at bits of timber to make a bookshelf which (more or less) followed the line of the wall. I have since come to the conclusion that I am in no way whatsoever, ever ever ever, going to be able to call myself a carpenter, but it will have to do. No zooming in on the joinery!


  1. Oscar and Lisa,

    Great stuff. We are now done with our shell of our earthship. We build the earthship with dirt-bags and straw-bales. Believe it not a shortage of tyres. and click on "blog" to see photos.


  2. Hola Óscar y lisa! Que bueno que existan!! Soy maxi de argentina y voy a estar de paseo en u os dias por españa, me encantaría ir a ver su casa ya que dentro de poco empiezo a hacer la mía en Mar del Plata.
    Trabajo en conjunto con los chicos de y Juan me paso sus datos!

    Ojalá los pueda conocer!
    Espero su respuesta!!

    Nuevamente gracias por existir!,

  3. Hi
    We live in the Malaga area and have been thinking about building a natural home for a while. I was wondering if you could advice us about permissions, and also where we could possibly find people who are willing to help on a project? We reformed a cave house in the Baza area a few years ago, but this is very different.
    Louise Everson
    PS: Isn't that strange, another Everson!!!!

  4. Hello! and thank you for your comments.

    Everson. Had a look at your blog - the place is looking amazing! I would love to see more photos.

    Maxi, ya te contesté por email. Suerte.

    Louise, for all information about permissions you should really contact Dave and Laura (link to their blog on mine). We found that once we started building, people came to us - we never actually asked for help from anyone! Again, Dave and Laura will be much more help with this area as they are far more organised that we were! All the best.

  5. Dear Oscar and Lisa,

    First of all, congratulations on your wonderfull home. We are starting on our eartship in two weeks, when excavation works start. We do however have a lot of questions and a couple of doubts. We would really appreciate it if you could answer some quetions for us. Is it possible to send you an email sometime? You can Reach us at We hope to here from you soon! Kind regards, Lotte, Ruben, Koko and Diza

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Lotte and Pilu,
    I have answered you via email. Cheers.

  8. Hi Oscar and Lisa,

    your house looks really amazing. I've sent you an e-mail to ask if we could come and visit you for an afternoon just to see how you guys live. We have a blog '' and we are travelling around Europe to find people with interesting projects. We would really love to see an eartship that is finished. We were going to work with the people of Cuevas del sol but eventually they don't need volunteers right now. We'll be in Valencia between the 7th and the 10th of november. Can you please let us know if we are welcome to visit you. We understand that you don't want visitors all the time but we would be very gratefull :-). Can you let us know if it's possible or not? kind regards, Tine and Evelien

  9. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Hey Oscar and Lisa,

    I can see you've had a lot of comments like this but I was wandering if I could viit you and see your place? Lately I'm really interested in this type of buildings and I'm in Valencia now!
    I'd be really glad to hear from you!
    In exchange I can help you with sth or just talk.. Are you on couchsurfing maybe?



  10. Dear Tine and Evelyn,
    I am really sorry I didn't reply earlier and hope not to have inconvenienced you in any way. I haven't logged onto the blog for a few weeks and so didn't see your message on time. In any case we are really not keen on having visitors at the moment and probably won't be for the foreseeable future. I wish you luck and happiness and remain available to answer any other sort of questions here or via email.

  11. Hi Michal,
    As I have said to other people hoping to come and see the house, we have stopped receiving visits for the moment. I wish you the best. Feel free to ask any other sort of questions regarding the house.

  12. We are building a earthship hut upstate ny, we are thinking of a bit larger size one. How big was yours? Like in the video 12 feet? Or more?

  13. Our hut is 15' in diameter.

  14. Anonymous2:35 pm

    Hi Lisa!

    Really enjoyed your blog, I really find the process of building the earthship fascinating. One day when I have the budget, I'd love to follow suit!

    I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing your blog on Glipho? Glipho is a new social blogging network that aims to promote the writing of its users and help build their audiences. We are trying to establish a creative community at Glipho, and your blog is just what we are looking for.

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    If you're interested check out our website at and have a look around. Please feel free to ask me any questions, and if you would like to receive an invite to set up an account!

    Have a great day,


    Glipho Limited
    14 Suite 3 D
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    London E14 8PX


  15. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Hello, we are Ovando and Zaida.

    We have been looking at your pictures and we think what you have done is amazing.
    We have been in an earthship build before, but we didn't get to see the end product. We would really like to visit you and learn from your experience with the earthship biuld and with life in an earthship.

    Please get back to us.
    Thank you very much for your attention,

    Ovando and Zaida.

  16. Dear Ovando and Zaida,
    I'm sorry, but we are not offering visits to our home at the moment.
    If you write to my private email - we might be able to work out a time in summer when it is more convenient for us.


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