July 2017 Update

Oscar and his hammer
After nine years living in the big house we have taken up our sledgehammers again! The plan is to extend an exterior retaining wall to provide support for a large porch at the southeast end of the house, something that we feel is needed in the summer months, along with a pool (hopefully soon to come).
Starting work on the porch

Apart from that, little has changed in the past few years.

The ficus in the greywater planter has gone absolutely mad.

And I have become more and more convinced that we need to change the roof, as the original does let a few very annoying drips in when we get heavy rain. I'm afraid the company that did the metal work were a little bit shoddy in their finishes, using silicon instead of doing any soldering, and cutting corners with the finishes around the skyights. Water has found them out.

The monster ficus after a haircut
Finally, a couple of years ago we were included in a TV program called "El Escarabajo Verde", which you can see if you follow THIS LINK - it's in Spanish.

Here are a couple of recent photos of the earthship: