Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It poured...POURED yesterday. The countryside smells fantastic! I was sitting working down town having left Oscar Adam and Angela doing some parapet work when the sky came over as black as could be and lightening starting flashing, thunder crashing... I rang Oscar to tell him to get the washing in (as you do) and the rain had already arrived there. Apparently water was cascading out the downpipes which we haven't connected yet to the tanks due to dirty muddy roof with lots of little nibbler born metal bits from cutting the corrugated. When I got home there were craters, yes craters in the dirt where the water had been falling and the roof was clean clean clean. So now we can hook up the pipes and start collecting! Adam explained a great way to catch the first run off and any grotty stuff it may have in it so I popped off to buy a couple of T joints and screw on lids for a couple of modifications...I'll take a photo when it's finished.
Oh, and by the way - he'd already taken in the washing...

Monday, September 11, 2006


We had a very interesting visit last week from Lisa, a Swedish cinematographer who lives in Portugal and is making a film about houses - she filmed us talking about our project and even doing a bit of work on the new parapet wall which goes around the edge of the roof to finish it off neatly. Now Adam and Angela are here on their way back to Australia. Adam helped us with the small house so it was great for him to see how it looks now and of course, the progress we are making on the big house, we are hoping to rope them in to a bit of can laying - we can always pay it back when they start doing their own earthship in Victoria...

Carla went back to school today and we start work on the 18th so things will probably slow down house wise for a while. We are getting quotes for glass at the moment and will hopefully have it installed before it starts to rain. We still have had no rain - that's 3 months now. The water tanks are empty although we do get about two buckets full of runoff just from the dew every morning. We don't collect it yet because the roof is so dirty - waiting for that nice big rain to wash everything clean before we connect the tubes.

Photos this time are of the parapet starting, maintenance on the little house and a view of the big one as is now.

Monday, September 04, 2006

wide angle shot of the whole thing...

Well it's three stuck together so there are glitches but at least you can get an idea of the whole house and back half of our block!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Life apart from the house...

Yes, it does exist although you have to squint a bit to see it. Oscar has been recording his fourth solo album which hasn't really got a name yet but will have one day soon. It is shaping up to be a beauty and we are lucky to have two friends producing it - they work so hard and do some amazing stuff. This is them here, Tony and Josep. It should be coming out near Christmas, I'll keep you posted.

We've also taken a few days off each. Oscar went to Almeria to visit a friend on a tiny beach for a few days and then I went off to Madrid to see some paintings for a couple of days. I loved the city, I hadn't really seen it before - just passed through. It's a really beautiful place. No beach though. Boo.

So anyway back to the house...August is over and shops are opening again so I should be able to buy hinges and stuff to get on with the skylights. We should have replacement skylights sent out for the three that arrived cracked (!) and then be able to completely waterproof the roof with them and a can parapet wall all the way around the perimeter. Have to find someone to do the glasswork and then the side walls and then...and then...it's never ending.
more soon