Entrance and Growth

So, here is Oscar putting some of the finishing touches on the porch - still stuff to do but you get the idea!
And here is the most amazing growth spurt I have ever seen. It was planted four weeks ago and we thought it was dead - no greenery whatsoever (you can see it in earlier planter photo) now look at it! Grey water sure works well.


  1. I love your house and blog!

    One more question and comment though. This plant looks like a datura or brugmansia, aka angel's trumpet, is it? They grow really fast and have spectacularly (sometimes obnoxiously according to my husband) fragrant flowers. I only ask because they are completely deadly, every part, especially to animals and kids. We have two outside but once we have a baby I'll have to give them up. Sorry to be a bug if you already knew this but I saw the dog and thought, hmmm, tell 'em just in case.

    Again, lovely home!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the warning - we knew it was a datura but not how dangerous it was. No plans to ingest any part of it and our baby is 10 now - we've told her about the plant. The animals aren't allowed in that part of the house anyway so hopefully that's all our bases covered - we do like the flowers, the tree flowered last year before it froze...they do smell but it's so green and beautiful...
    anyhoo, thanks again, glad to hear you enjoy my blog!


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